Squat slate-green teapot

I make stoneware and porcelain pottery ranging from simple domestic vessels to more experimental forms. I throw all pots on the wheel but I modify some, just to provide a bit of novelty and to stretch the joy of fiddling about with clay.

The emphasis of my pots is on form, as I find a lot of decoration a distraction. Stoneware glazes tend to be muted in colour, or for an antidote, plain white.

The aim is simplicity of effect.

All pots are fired in an electric kiln at about 1270°C. Prices range from £20 to £250, and the height of pots from 15cm to 50cm. As each pot is individually thrown no two will be identical. Please contact me by email to see what is available. Items can be made on commission.


Susan Cupitt
Tel: 01223 311937
Email: susan.cupitt@gmail.com